Administrative Resolution No. (106) of 2020

Approving the Charges for Telemedicine and

Teleconsultation Services Provided by the Dubai Health Authority[1]


The Director General of the Dubai Health Authority,

After perusal of:

Law No. (14) of 2009 Concerning the Pricing of Government Services in the Emirate of Dubai and its amendments;

Law No. (32) of 2015 Concerning the Official Gazette of the Government of Dubai;

Law No. (1) of 2016 Concerning the Financial Regulations of the Government of Dubai;

Law No. (6) of 2018 Concerning the Dubai Health Authority (the “DHA");

Decree No. (9) of 2012 Approving a Pricing Method for Dubai Health Authority Services;

Decree No. (17) of 2018 Establishing the Corporations Affiliated to the Dubai Health Authority and Determining their Functions;

Decree No. (18) of 2018 Appointing the Director General of the Dubai Health Authority;

Executive Council Resolution No. (18) of 2018 Approving the Organisational Structure of the Dubai Health Authority; and

The approval of the Department of Finance as per the letter Ref. (DOF/OUT/2020/0001979), dated 19 August 2020,

Does hereby issue this Resolution.

Approval of Charges

Article (1)

Pursuant to this Resolution, the charges for telemedicine and teleconsultation services provided by the DHA, as stated in the Schedule attached hereto, are approved.


Article (2)

All organisational units of the DHA, each within its own powers, must take the necessary action to implement this Resolution.


Article (3)

Any provision in any other administrative resolution will be repealed to the extent that it contradicts the provisions of this Resolution.

Commencement and Publication

Article (4)

This Resolution comes into force on the day on which it is issued, and will be published in the Official Gazette.

Humaid Al Qatami

Director General

Dubai Health Authority

Issued in Dubai on 9 September 2020

Corresponding to 21 Muharram 1442 A.H.



Charges for Telemedicine and Teleconsultation Services

Provided by the DHA



Service Code CPT

Charges (in Dirhams)

Teleconsultation, General Practitioner



Teleconsultation, Specialist Physician



Teleconsultation, Consultant Physician



Teleconsultation, Non-specialist Healthcare Worker



Teleconsultation, Psychiatric Treatment






©2020 The Supreme Legislation Committee in the Emirate of Dubai

[1]Every effort has been made to produce an accurate and complete English version of this legislation. However, for the purpose of its interpretation and application, reference must be made to the original Arabic text. In case of conflict, the Arabic text will prevail.